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We've designed our hearing amplifiers from the ground up with the only the technology you need and none of the expensive fluff. We ship directly to you (for free) and provide world-class, US-based support for free, whenever you need it. You won't find an easier hearing solution. Start a risk-free, 45-day trial today and hear the difference yourself. 

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 Edmund T.

It’s amazing what I’ve been missing.

 Jim G.

Effective background-noise suppression. The amount of background noise is far less.

Joseph H.

Very easy and happy experience. They perform exactly as advertised.

Paul B.

No one has ever noticed it and I'm completely bald!

EMPOWER WAVE Vibrant, natural sound.

If you've ever enjoyed a vinyl record,  you know the benefits of analog audio, the rich warmth and full sound.  This is the way the world was meant to be heard. 

With a large volume dial and easy-to-use program switch, the Empower WAVE is perfect for anyone with dexterity issues.

EMPOWER BOOST Less background, more conversations

Digital amplification means clearer sound in noisy environments and more feedback reduction. If you have trouble in restaurants, you will benefit from the noise reduction on the BOOST.

Smaller and more discrete, the Empower BOOST is perfect for people who want a nearly invisible amplification solution. 

We're here to help Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty?

Since we stand by our products which are assembled in the USA, every Empower® Personal Sound Amplifier comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty covering any defects in materials and workmanship.

Please contact Empower Support if you have any issues with your device even if you are beyond the warranty period, often simple troubleshooting can help pinpoint the issue and resolve it!

Should I purchase one or two Empower?

It may sound simple, but you have two ears, you almost certainly need two hearing aids. Often people believe they can save money trying one device at first and then buying a second if the first one works for them. We strongly discourage this for a couple of reasons.

First, your brain processes hearing signals from both ears at the same time. It is normal for your brain to hear relatively the same volume from both ears. When you only amplify one ear, you are making it hard on your brain to adjust to the new sounds. This means you will hear worse with one Empower. With two, you experience improved clarity and a more balanced sound.

Second, this is also a safety issue. Most of us know hearing is related to balance, but it's also easy to often forget how many sounds are in the world, some designed to warn. With only one hearing device, you lose the ability to localize where a sound is coming from. Everything will sound like it is on one side of you no matter where the source of the sound. An ambulance blaring down the street might sound like it is coming from the opposite direction than it really is!

We want you to have the best experience possible. Unless you do not have any hearing in one ear, you should be using both of your ears for the maximum benefits of better hearing.  When you buy a pair of Empower, we throw in some bonus batteries as well as a free protection plan for both of your hearing aids for a whole year. This is only available when you buy the pair as a set.

How will I know if these hearing amplifiers will work for me?

Everyone’s hearing is slightly different and it can easy to jump to the conclusion that every ear needs perfectly customized hearing devices. The truth is that most people have similar hearing issues and the one-size-fits-most programming designed by our audiologist can help the majority of people hear better. 

The Empower line of personal sound amplification products (PSAP) are designed to amplify the most useful frequencies, such as the sounds associated with human speech. Think of it as buying a suit of the rack verses going to a custom tailor for a bespoke suit. Most people will fit in a suit off the rack, and it will be significantly cheaper than paying a professional to design a solution for you from the ground up. 

However, you won't know if an Empower will work for you until you hear the sound for yourself. If you are curious to know if you can save thousands and hear better, we encourage you to experience our 45-day, risk-free trial. You have nothing to lose giving affordable hearing options a shot. 

What is the return policy?

Empower® Personal Sound Amplifiers offer a forty-five day satisfaction guarantee. We strive to manufacture the highest quality device hearing amplifier on the market and will to work with you to get the full experience from your Empower. If you don’t completely love your Empower for any reason, all you need to do is contact us within thirty days of receiving the device for instructions on how to return the device back to us for a full refund on the purchase price.