Customer Reviews

mpower does the job and at an affordable price

I am very pleased with my amplifier. I wear it in my right ear and can now hear and enjoy my life more and not feel left out because I didn’t hear well before. I forget I have it on it’s so small and light. I warned everyone not to be talking about me. I can hear every word now LOL. I couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars for those high end hearing aids and Empower does the job and at an affordable price. Thank you Empower!

Carol K.


The Empower Hearing Amplifier has worked perfectly right out of the box .

Pat K.

Why get by if the Empower solves my problem

Lots of comments about the Empower not being a hearing aid. I have no idea what the difference is between the Empower (a sound amplifier), and a hearing aid. I do know that there are numerous occasions when I cannot hear well. I use the Empower selectively when I want to improve my hearing.

One of my hobbies is metal detecting, and with the Empower I don’t even use headphones. It takes a few hours to get used to the sounds around you, but that is a small price to pay for hearing well.

I didn’t get hearing aids because they are not covered by insurance, and cost between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars. Not a chance I would pay that just to hear better when I can get by. But why get by if the Empower solves my problem? I bought one for each ear, and I am very happy with the outcome. The delivery was excellent, and my questions were answered almost immediately. And you gotta love the price.

Joe B.

A Very Happy Customer

I bought it for my 100 year old mother, who was becoming isolated because of her hearing. She lives my sister, who was having trouble communicating with her and having to put up with a loud TV.

I had her first try one my $5000 phonak hearing aids, to see if her hearing would improve. It worked, except that with that device, she could hear her own voice.

Since, I now knew a hearing amplifier would help her, I decided to order the Empower unit. You should have seen the smile on her face, when she tried it on and was able to hear me clearly. Later, she went and tried hearing the TV and the same thing, she heard the TV clearly.

Later that day, I called my sister to see how Mom was doing with the device; now that she can clearly hear the TV, she did not doze off out of boredom or frustration.

My sister said that she is going to suggest to our brother-in-law, whose $5000 hearing aid went out of whack and was reluctant to order a new one.

M. G.

Another HAPPY customer!

We ordered a right-side Empower for my mother-in-law. She was quite reluctant and skeptical at first to use her Empower because when she first put it in her ear, she apparently couldn’t hear any differently.

However, we put in a new battery and viola!’ She could hear& Just as John (from Empower Support) advised us in a personal message she would hear& My mother-in-law started to hear every crinkle of paper, every footstep and more. She began to appreciate the subtle sounds and adjusted the volume to her needs and I noticed that the FIRST thing my mother-in-law does every morning is put her Empower in her ear.

John was also kind enough to extend the 30-day money-back guarantee for an extra week so we could help my mother-in-law in person.

Overall, Empower provides amazing Customer Service and we are pleased with the product.

Christine K

Great Product!

Have used the Empower Amplifier both in restaurant and many times viewing PBS television programs at home. Love it! So much better than one I was using in the past. Ease of program changing and battery changing appreciated. Works very well for me (and I do have tinnitus which creates an additional problem.)


Over the top hearing aid

This hearing device is over the top . I bought two similar-looking and functioning hearing aids from Costco for around $1800. I bought one Empower (for 1/3 the cost of one Costco aid) as a backup for traveling. The Empower is so good that when my old aids stop working they’ll be replaced by the new Empower. It is a super hearing device for a really great price.

David T.

Goodbye what did you say !! Nuff Said.

Empower has changed our lives. After trying the most expensive hearing aids with no success, I found these! Not only are they vastly superior to anything on the market, they have the most exemplary customer service I have ever found from any company! I cannot thank this company enough for sharing their technical expertise with their device. If they had TEN stars, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Cynthia H.

I think they are terrific

All I can say is I think they are terrific. I’ve tried two other more expensive hearing aids
I have had my Empower for 2 months now, and all I can say is I think they are terrific. I’ve tried two other more expensive hearing aids, but these are by far the best so far. I am very pleased. The voices on the Empower are very close to natural, not artificial sounding like they the voices on the more expensive aids I tried. Also, the service is excellent all my issues were addressed immediately. I highly recommend them.

Carol G.

It is already making a big difference!

Amazing! That’s what my daughter said after leaving the room and talking to me from the hallway. Before getting the Empower I needed her to look at me and talk fairly loudly (though I didn’t realize how loud until using this) and now I can listen to the TV at night without bothering her. It is already making a big difference! I had really expected it to just make noises louder, and was very pleasantly surprised at how much clearer the sounds are. Thank you!

Pat G.