Customer Reviews

Love it!

This is the second Empower I have recently ordered. The one I ordered two weeks ago I absolutely love. The sound is clear and crisp. It doesn’t have the closed in feeling I had with my in ear aids. This one is for my 88 year old mother. She can’t wait to try it as well. She is tired of fiddling with the wheel volume control on her in ear aids. This device has a button you click and can hear the volume adjust with a buzz. I wish I had the Empower years ago!

Denise D.

Works best of all

I’ve used hearing aids for many years -all expensive models through local audio dealers. My hearing problem is understanding normal conversation. I require high frequency compensation. This Hearing Amplifier with it’s several selections of correction. works best of all. When inserting the Empower, practice in front of a two view folding mirror, and be certain that it is deep in the ear canal.

Howard A.

It is so great to hear people in meetings again

The first Empower I received stopped working after a few days. The Empower staff were very helpful and tried to troubleshoot the problem. When all potential issues were eliminated they quickly sent me another one and it is so great to hear people in meetings again. & Well, maybe there is a downside to this! Seriously, the amplification of ALL sounds takes a bit of adjusting to, but to hear background and foreground sounds vs hearing nothing this is the option to take. Very satisfied.

Amelia M.

Incredible amount of bird songs

Have had Empower for about 2 weeks now and can say I’m pretty happy with them. When I first tried the Empower I was overwhelmed with the incredible amount of bird songs that I had been missing. Took a little getting used to but this was just what I wanted them for. Also they are very comfortable to wear. The only downside I see is the short battery life. I wear them all day every day and have to replace the batteries about every two and a half days. Still it’s worth it for me.

UPDATE: Changed to 5 stars as batteries are lasting much longer now than the beginning ones. I may not have let them sit long enough as instructed. Anyway they are lasting about 5 days. Very pleased.


Very pleased with Empower comfort, performance, and value

Based on two days of testing, and experience with a medium expensive hearing aid, my overall conclusion is that the Empower amplifier is as good or better than the expensive hearing aid, and about one-quarter of the cost. However, my hearing issue is primarily a difficulty with high frequency sound response normal to the aging process. I cannot say how effective the Empower would be for more serious hearing issues.

But for me, the ability to amplify the high frequency sounds without background interference is good enough to justify the 5 star rating. In addition, the small hearing tip is actually more comfortable than the custom fit tip that was needed for my hearing aid system. So, in terms of comfort, performance and cost, the Empower system is a clear winner, and I intend to get another one for my other ear soon.

Anthony W.

Love the redesign with more noise cancelling and more comfortable ear tips.

I had bought the earlier model of the Empower Hearing Amplifier for both ears. I had been pleased with it particularly since the Empower amplifiers were so much less expensive than hearing aids. Well the current model is fantastic. This new model can cancel out extraneous noise while amplifying all frequencies or just the higher frequencies. Clarity of speech and sound is great in the new Empower. The tips have been redesigned and are so much more comfortable.

I work as a speech pathologist and I cannot say enough great things about the new Empower Hearing Amplifiers. I was not paid or given a free trial of the amplifier. Since I am a repeat customer, Empower gave me a discount on the two new amplifiers I bought. The service was great. So far so good. There are even little pod cases to place the amplifiers.


Empower Amplifier does what it claims to do!

The Amplifier does exactly that, amplify. Various modes, volume can easily be adjusted.
I have had experience with multi-thousand dollar devices. They have more modes etc but the final result is same with Empower. Television, personal conversation, general daily sounds are enhanced.

Empower is worth a try and the company is strong in customer support.

Richard H.

Great product; great price

What has always stopped me from getting a hearing aid was the price. At $1000 apiece, it was not ever something I was going to be able to afford. But a New York TImes article led me to understand that the average person with age-related hearing issues does not need the expensive aids and could get a high quality hearing device for around $500. So when I decided that I needed to make the sacrifice one, I did my research on Amazon and found the Empower Hearing Amplifier. It got great reviews, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Simply put, this hearing amplifier is great. It’s small, discreet, and comfortable. It works really well very easy to adjust the volume. It has four settings to adjust for ambient sound and/or high levels also very easy to set. It’s so nice to be able to listen to TV at a normal volume, or to actually hear people at work when they speak in lower tones.

I had to get in touch with customer support when something was missing from my shipment. They were incredibly nice and helpful, and the missing piece (a cleaning brush) arrived rapidly, with a complementary set of batteries for my trouble. Honestly, if you’re having trouble hearing things and you’ve been thinking about a hearing aid but do not want to spend $1000, I could not recommend this product more highly.

Wendy H.

Great Product.

I purchased this product for my dad and before giving it to him I tried it on myself so that I might have some idea as to what he was hearing. I found the unit to be of good quality and I could hear with clarity when it was turned down low. My dad seemed to lower his voice when talking as a result of using the Empower and no longer has to ask for someone to repeat themselves. He is happy with how well he can hear at an affordable price and for the price this is an excellent item and well worth trying before investing in high price hearing devices.

Kathy P.

Better than the expensive systems

I have just purchased my second Empower. I tried systems $4800-$5000. This equipment sounds more natural that those programmed by an audiologist. I have recommended this amplifier to many people. I have a background in audio, having had a stereo business in downtown Chicago for 20 years.

Victor P.