It’s amazing what I’ve been missing.

It’s amazing what I’ve been missing.

Edmund T.

No one has ever noticed it

No one has ever noticed it and I’m completely bald!

Paul B.

Very easy and happy experience.

Very easy and happy experience. They perform exactly as advertised.

Joseph H.

Go for it!

I bought the left ear because I have a ($2,500) Resound aid still working in my right ear. So far I am very pleased with the performance of the Empower product (for one day). I may buy the Empower right ear in the future.

J. L.

Five Stars

My father-in-law loves it and Empower’s service is superb!!

Henry G.

Very good product and value for it’s price

Very good product and value for it’s price! A little disappointed that the battery life is only 4 days for each ear. But, the Empower Hearing Amplifier is great.

John K.

I have been very pleased with the product

I purchased my set of Empower Sound Amplifiers several months ago. I have been very pleased with the product in most situations, especially in a group where people talk softly. I do not wear them if I am going to a function which is very noisy though. I prefer these to the hearing aids that I lost.

Lois T.

Wonderful for Work

I was having trouble hearing instructions from soft spoken doctors in the clinic where I work. With the Empower amplifiers, I don’t have to say excuse me, could you repeat that? or worse, risk doing the wrong task. My proficiency has increased and I have maintained the confidence required in my workplace. Great, reliable devices.

Robert P.

Great product and great company

Have been using the Empower amplifiers for about 2 months. I made an error when I originally ordered them and ordered two left ear pieces instead of on right and on left piece. Empower caught the error and was very accommodating, prompt, and professional in resolving my problem. The amplifiers have been great and lived up to my expectations. A great product and a great company.

Ed Y.

Hearing Again

I really appreciate my Empower Amplifier that I recently purchased. My husband has a hearing aid that is not very effective and was very expensive of both time and money. Empower is effective, reasonably priced and easy to use. I was so pleased that I could install it and immediately feel comfortable and HEAR. I also appreciate the feedback they have provided and support. They set an excellent example.

Linda G.