Technical Specifications

All the Right Features

Empower amplifies environmental sounds to allow you to better connect to loved ones, friends, colleagues, and nature. We've designed the Empower to include the right mix of benefits to help you enjoy life again at an affordable price.


Adaptive Feedback Canceling

Due to the size of personal amplifiers and the proximity of the speaker and the microphone, a common issue related to enhanced hearing is feedback, or whistling, which is the result of sound amplified by the speaker being picked up by the microphone and amplified again. The advanced feedback cancellation in the Empower is constantly adapting to the sound environment to reduce any feedback to an absolute minimum.


Layered Noise Reduction

Not everything needs to be heard. The Empower is constantly analyzing, identifying, and reducing the sound level of unnecessary environmental noise around you, allowing you to focus on the important sounds of your life.


Four-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression (WDRC)

Very loud and very soft sounds should not be amplified in the same way. By compressing, or squeezing, a wide range of sound intensities and frequencies into a smaller range via multiple channels, the Empower allows more of the world around you to be audible at a comfortable level while also selectively boosting the low-level, high-frequency sounds associated with human speech recognition.



Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression can result in over amplification of some extraneous low-level sounds, such as noise generated internally from the microphone inside of the Empower or very soft environmental sounds. These sounds are not helpful to hear, and using digital expansion, the Empower reduces the level of these noises to minimal levels.


Output Limiting

To prevent excessively loud noises that may be painful to hear, the Empower has a maximum power output and will not amplify incoming sounds exceeding a certain volume.


Empower Tip

Designed to provide the comfort of a custom-fit mold without any of the hassle or long waiting periods associated with them, the Empower Tip is flexible and curved like your ear canal. A small vent allows you to hear the world around you as well as the enhanced sounds from your Empower, creating a nuanced, natural listening experience.


Power Tip

For a louder experience, we've included a Large Power Tip with every Empower. This tip is closed to only allow the enhanced sound from your Empower inside your ear canal.



The Empower includes all-digital, state-of-the-art technology. Other amplifiers may use outdated, analog components, which merely make the world louder but don't actively enhance the sound delivered to you.



The tip and tubing included with the Empower are made from soft, medical-grade silicone. Allergic reactions to this material are extremely rare.



Sitting discreetly behind your ear, as thin as a pencil, and available in three colors to blend with various skin tones and hair colors, other people will only notice that you stopped saying “what?” and “huh?”



The Empower comes assembled with the Empower Tubing and Tip already attached and ready to put in your ear. When it arrives at your door, all you need to do is put in a battery and begin experiencing enhanced sound.