Empower STREAM Troubleshooting

General FAQ

Go to the app store on your mobile device and search for “Empower,” or press the icon below:

The app is available for ipads and iphones with iOS version 9.3 and higher or for
Android devices running version 4.4 or higher.

The app is needed to control the volume of your Empower.com® STREAM and is also used for changing the sound program. Furthermore, the app will enable you to receive calls or play music directly to your Empower.com® STREAM.

Note: The Empower.com® STREAM will still enhance the sound in your area without the app or hub.


Streaming allows you to play the sounds made by your smartphone directly to your Empower.com® STREAM. This is useful if want the sound your smartphone makes to only by hearable the person wearing the Empower.com® STREAM instead of having to turn up the general volume of your smartphone.

It can be used for any sound otherwise made by your smartphone such as playing music, or for having a phone conversation.

Streaming is done using Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer the sound signal from your phone to the Empower.com® STREAM through your hub.

Bluetooth wireless streaming enables you to stream audio from your phone directly to your Empower.com® Stream product.

You will need to pair your Empower.com® hub to your phone’s Bluetooth setting.


To allow the app to communicate to the Empower.com® STREAM you will need to wear the hub. If the app has problems with finding the Empower.com® STREAM please follow these troubleshooting instructions (link).

The Empower.com® STREAM app will help you to set up Audio Streaming. You can install the app by following these instructions (link). If this is the first time you use the app, the installation instructions on the app will guide you further. Otherwise you can go to the settings menu and select “Setup Audio streaming”.

After completing these steps your Empower.com® STREAM will work in the same way as any other bluetooth speaker. It will play any sounds from your phone to your Empower.com® STREAM.

Bluetooth is wireless communication technology standard which allows your smartphone to connect and interact with each other devices.

Using the Empower.com app and hub, the Empower.com STREAM can connect to you smartphone so that the audio from your smartphone can be played directly on your Empower.com STREAM.

If you have trouble connecting to your Empower.com with your Bluetooth enabled device, please see this troubleshooting guide (link)

Note: To use Bluetooth audio streaming, you will neared to have the HUB turned on and around your neck.

The Empower.com® STREAM has three main sound settings and there is an additional option to emphasize the high frequencies.

  • The ‘Automatic’ program is designed to be flexible and is therefor the default program. This program emphasizes all sounds independent of the frequency but does filter out noise.
  • The ‘Quiet’ program has been optimized for environments with little noise so the filter is not needed. To avoid whistling with this program we recommend you use foam tips at higher volumes.
  • The ‘Conversation’ program helps improve the ability to understand speech. It will only emphasize sounds that can be made by the human voice. This is done by only amplifying the speech frequencies. To avoid whistling with this program we recommend you use foam tips at higher volumes.

If you have trouble hearing high sounds, you can chose to emphasize these by changing the ‘Amplification Mode’. This is only possible with the Automatic and Quiet program. The default is ‘flat’, but if you want the high sounds to have extra amplification you can switch to the ‘high’ setting.

The easy way to change programs is to use the Empower.com® App. It is also possible to change the program with the button on the Empower.com® STREAM. If you use this button you cycle through the programs as follows:

  1. Automatic: all frequencies emphasized—up to XX dB.
  2. Quiet: all frequencies emphasized— up to XX dB.
  3. Conversation: speech frequencies emphasized—up to XX dB.
  4. Automatic: high-frequencies emphasized— up to XX dB.
  5. Quiet: High-frequencies emphasized—up to XX dB.


Use infographic from the manual?


The Empower.com® STREAM needs size 312 zinc-air batteries. These can the batteries with the brown tab.

Instructions on how to change can be found here (link)

A battery for the Empower.com® STREAM should last about 8 days, but it may be shorter when using the sound streaming.

The App and HUB may no longer work if the batteries are low even though the sounds may still be enhanced. This is because the sending and receiving of the signal requires more power than the amplification.

Please note zinc-air batteries need a period of time in contact with the air to fully charge before use. Waiting at least 60 seconds after removing the sticky-tab. This time allows the battery to reach its full potential and will assure that you get the longest battery life.

Empower.com APP FAQ

Yes, but you won’t be able to control the Volume or stream music and audio call

You will need to have installed the app (instructions in this link) before you can change the volume of your Empower.com® STREAM.

To allow the app to communicate to the Empower.com® STREAM you will need to wear the hub. If the app has problems with finding the Empower.com® STREAM please follow these troubleshooting instructions (link to troubleshooting question).

On the first page of the hub you should see the button for changing the volume on the right. If you double press this button, you will enter a screen such as shown below, where you can also change the volume of only the Left or Right Empower.com® STREAM by using the additional sliders.


The easy way to change programs is to use the Empower.com® App. It is also possible to change the program with the button on the Empower.com® STREAM. More information on the different programs can be found here (link)

(Mention Volume in here too)

If the app is not properly paired with the Empower.com® STREAM because you connected it to another device or are having other problems, you will need to restore the connection.

This can be done by going to the ‘Settings’ menu at the bottom of the App. When in the settings menu select the ‘Hub’ and press “Forget this device”. One pressed, the phone should restart the instructions for pairing a hub.

Note that this will remove the Empower.com® STREAM connection with other phones and tablets.


Empower.com HUB FAQ

The Empower.com is able to amplfy the sounds of the world without the hub, however without the hub the Empower.com will be unable to communicate with the Empower.com app, and thus many features will be unavailable. Most notably, without the hub, you will not be able to change volume or stream audio to from your phone.

The Empower.com® STREAM will continue to amplify sound without wearing the HUB. However, you need to wear the HUB if you want to change the volume or other settings from the app. It is also needed to stream sound from your smartphone directly to your Empower.com® STREAM.

Connect the hub with the provided micro-USB cable to the provided cable and charger. When the hub is connected to a power source, the hub automatically turns off and the light will pulse green.

Charging the Empower.com® STREAM HUB should only be done using the provided charger and cable.
Note: if you try to power on the hub while charging it, the red light will flash as a notice that the hub will not turn on. To turn on the hub, first disconnect the charger and try again.

It takes between one to three hours to fully charge the HUB. The HUB light will stay green as long as the HUB is connected to the charger.

When the HUB is charging, it cannot be used from the App.

To turn the Empower.com® STREAM HUB On or OFF, press and hold the button for about two second.

When turning ON, the light will slowly light up green.

When turning OFF, the light will fade out slowly. The hub is now turned off.

Note: Connecting the hub to a charger will automatically turn the HUB off. The HUB cannot be turned on when it is being charged.

To check the battery level of the hub you can either open the app on your smartphone, or you can press the HUB button a single time. After pressing the button the colour of light on the hub will indicate the battery level.

  • Green means that more than 75{c92286f1013e55619bc32197f13b890c7c33bfe3ec51d8d52596f7f02aa400d1} battery is left while
  • Orange indicates more than 25{c92286f1013e55619bc32197f13b890c7c33bfe3ec51d8d52596f7f02aa400d1} battery remains.
  • Red shows that there is less than 25{c92286f1013e55619bc32197f13b890c7c33bfe3ec51d8d52596f7f02aa400d1} charge and it is almost time to recharge the hub.

Note: Avoid pressing the hub button multiple times or for three seconds since this may put the HUB into setup mode.

Note: You cannot check the battery level of the hub while it is connected to the charger.


The colour of the HUB light gives an indication of the battery level. If the light is flashing red then hub button the battery level is less than 25{c92286f1013e55619bc32197f13b890c7c33bfe3ec51d8d52596f7f02aa400d1}. Connect to the HUB with provided charger and cable to charge.

If the Hub is in Bluetooth pairing (press 3 times the button) it will flash green for 2 minutes. During this time you can

If you press the HUB button three times, it will go into Bluetooth pairing mode. When in pairing mode, the green light on the HUB will blink to indicate that it is ready to pair with a smartphone. When the pairing is completed, the HUB lights up green for two seconds. If pairing is not completed within two minutes, the HUB will light up red instead.

Note: If you are following the instructions from the mobile app, the HUB will automatically be set to pairing mode so no button pressing is required.

If you are having issues connecting the App to the HUB you can perform a factory reset. Using the factory reset mean that you have to restart the device pairing process from the app.

The HUB can be reset by turning on the hub and the pressing the button and holding it for 10 seconds. After the first few seconds you should first see the powerlight turn on and then fade out. After five more seconds the light will start flashing red and green to warn you that a reset is about to happen. If you do not continue to hold the button pressed while the lights are flashing, the factory reset will not be done. Keep holding the button until the light stop flashing and fades out. Once the lights are off the HUB has been reset and can be switch on again with a single button press.


If the Empower.com® App is unable to find the hub you can try the following steps:

  1. Check that the hub is turned on
    If you press the button on your hub, it should light up.The color of the light indicates the battery level of the hub as explained here (link to battery level question). If no light is seen when pressing the battery, connect the hub to the charger. Once connected you should see a green light on the hub. Please note that the hub cannot be detected by the app if it is connected to the charger.
  2. Check that the hub is close to the smartphone
    Bluetooth has a limited connection range. To be sure that you can connect to the hub make sure that the smartphone is within ~6 feet


If the Empower.com® App cannot connect to the Empower.com® STREAM, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check that you are wearing the HUB and STREAM correctly
    The hub needs to be worn around the neck since the loop is used as an antenna. The Empower.com® Stream should be on your ear so that is is in the 1 foot range of the HUB neckloop.
  2. Check that the neckloop is properly inserted into the hub.
    Bluetooth has a limited connection range. To be sure that you can connect to the hub make sure that the smartphone is within ~6 feet

If the App is still not connecting, you should replace the Empower.com® Stream battery. Even if the Empower.com® STREAM is still enhancing the sound. If the battery is low it will not be able to pick-up the signal of the HUB since this requires a higher power level.

Instructions on how to replace the battery can be found here (link)


To be able to stream sound from your phone to the Empower.com® STREAM you will need to have the HUB turned on and around your neck. Additionally if the battery of the Empower.com® STREAM is too low it may not be possible to make a connection. To verify that you can connect you should open the app on your smartphone. If it does not give you a connection issues continue with the steps below. Otherwise first follow the steps listed here

To get sound to stream from your phone to the Empower.com® STREAM you can go to the settings page and select the ‘Setup Audio Streaming’ button. You should now follow the instructions on the app.

Alternatively you can also connect directly from the bluetooth settings on your smartphone. You will need to connect a second bluetooth device ‘Life Ear audio’. This device can be found when the green light on the hub is flashing. The light will start flashing if you press the hub button three times in a row.

The next steps for are different for Apple, Android and even operating system.

On an Apple device

Open the Settings of your iPhone and go to the Bluetooth. The settings can be found with the following icon .

For iOS 10

You will see two “Empower.com Audio” devices in the list. You need to select the one that is not connected or in the “OTHER DEVICES” list as shown in the image below. When you are successfully connected stream has now been fully set-up

For iOS 9

The steps to pair your Empower.com® Hub to the iPhone are shown below.

  • You may already see ‘Empower.com® Audio’ in the devices list, but you will need to add a second one since the first is only for the sending of the volume commands from the App. [inset image]
  • After a few seconds your iPhone will find “Empower.com Audio” under “Other Devices”. Click on that device [inset image]
  • iPhone will connect to that device, notice the “i” icon next to “connected”. This is the streaming device of Empower.com®. Streaming has now been fully set up.
    [inset image]

For Android

On Android go to the phone settings and select bluetooth. This will open a screen where you may see either “Empower.com” or “Empower.com Audio” as available devices.

Select the device with the “headphone” icon to make a connection. You should now be fully set-up.


Your smartphone may disconnect from the Empower.com® STREAM Audio when it is out of range or when the battery is low. Please first check that when you open the Empower.com® App that it has a connection. If it does not, please follow the steps mentioned here (link).
If the App connects, but there is no working audio streaming you need to check your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting. In the bluetooth settings please check that the “Empower.com Audio” has the status connected.

With Apple iOS 10 the connection status can be incorrect due to a bug. The workaround is to manually disconnect and reconnect it from the Bluetooth settings page.



On Android:

  1. Make sure that your phone is connected to Empower.com®
  2. Make sure that “Phone audio” is enabled in your Empower.com® Paired devices

If you do not see “Phone audio” please forget/remove the “Empower.com” device and start the pairing process again

If you are still having problems you can do a full reset. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the Empower.com® App and download it again from the appstore. Alternatively open App and go to the settings tab. Here you can select the hub and press the button “Forget hub”
  2. Do factory reset on hub and explained here
  3. Install or open the App and follow the setup instruction steps to get your Empower.com ® STREAM up and running again